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Discover the Best Cartoon and Kids TV Channels on Tata Play DTH

tata play channel number

tata play channel number

List of Cartoon KIds TV Channel Numbers Available on Tata Play DTH

Are you looking for some fantastic cartoon and kids TV channels to keep your little ones entertained? Tata Play DTH offers a diverse range of channels to cater to the preferences of every young viewer. From classics like Cartoon Network to educational content on Discovery Kids, there’s something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a list of these channels along with their respective LCN (Logical Channel Number) on Tata Play DTH.

1. Hungama – LCN 652 (HIN/TAM/TEL)

Hungama offers a mix of animated shows, movies, and music to keep your kids entertained throughout the day.

2. Super Hungama – LCN 655 (ENG/HIN/TAM/TEL)

Super Hungama is an extension of Hungama, providing even more exciting content for your children.

3. Disney Channel HD – LCN 657 (ENG/HIN)

Disney Channel HD brings your favorite Disney shows and movies in high definition.

4. Disney Channel – LCN 658 (ENG/HIN/TAM/TEL)

Disney Channel offers a wide range of animated and live-action series that kids adore.

5. Nick HD+ – LCN 662 (ENG/HIN)

Nick HD+ delivers Nickelodeon’s top shows in high definition.


Nickelodeon, the home of beloved characters like SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer, is available in various languages.

7. Cartoon Network HD – LCN 666 (ENG/HIN)

Cartoon Network HD ensures you enjoy your favorite cartoons in stunning detail.

8. Cartoon Network – LCN 667 (ENG/HIN/TAM/TEL/KAN/MAL)

Cartoon Network offers a vast selection of animated series and movies.

9. Pogo – LCN 670 (HIN/TAM/MAL/KAN/MAR)

Pogo is a go-to channel for kids with its entertaining cartoons and fun shows.

10. Discovery Kids – LCN 672 (ENG/HIN/TAM/KAN/MAL)

Discovery Kids combines education with entertainment, making learning a fun adventure.

11. Sonic Nickelodeon – LCN 674 (ENG/HIN/TAM/KAN/MAR)

Sonic Nickelodeon offers a range of entertaining shows and animated series.


SONY YAY! brings a variety of animated content to delight young audiences.

13. Gubbare – LCN 678 (ENG/HIN)

Gubbare offers an assortment of animated and live-action programs.


ETV Bal Bharat is a multi-language channel providing diverse content for kids.

15. Nick Jr. – LCN 685 (ENG/HIN)

Nick Jr. is designed for preschoolers, featuring educational and entertaining shows.

16. Disney Junior – LCN 686 (ENG/HIN/TAM/TEL)

Disney Junior is perfect for the youngest viewers, with age-appropriate content.

17. CBeebies – LCN 687 (ENG)

CBeebies offers educational content and shows that promote learning through play.

18. Kushi TV – LCN 692 (TEL)

Kushi TV provides Telugu content that kids will enjoy.

19. Chutti TV – LCN 693 (TAM)

Chutti TV offers Tamil programming for young viewers.

20. Chintu TV – LCN 694 (KAN)

Chintu TV features Kannada content for kids.

21. Kochu TV – LCN 695 (MAL)

Kochu TV brings Malayalam entertainment to young audiences.

With Tata Play DTH, you can easily access these channels to ensure your kids have a wonderful time watching their favorite cartoons and educational shows. Whether you’re interested in classic cartoons or informative programs, Tata Play DTH has you covered. So, sit back, relax, and let your children explore the fascinating world of television entertainment.

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