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Devdoot TV – New Hindi Devotional Channel started on G-Sat 17

devdoot tv

A new Hindi devotional channel Devdoot TV has been started on satellite by Sudhanshuji Maharaj.  His Holiness Sudhanshu Maharajji is indulged in transforming the lives of masses by enabling them to take a dip in the nectar of spirituality through his profound discourses. He wants the world to immerse their lives in the light of wisdom and cast off the darkness of ignorance. The success of a human being lies in the state of his well being. Our mission is guided by holistic way of life by making better and stronger innerself.

satteite information of Devdoot TV

93.5°EG-Sat 17C4174 HDVB-S2

This is a free to air channel. So you can watch this channel for free.

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