Can Deleted File Recovered From Hard Disk, Pendrive or Memory card?

Somehow we know that if we are deleting a data from our hard disk or from memory card then the data terrorist permanently. Besides this we know some more that once the data deleted then it stored in the recycle bin. And generally we know that if we delete those data from recycle bin then the data is totally deleted and can be recovered. But still we can recover data after it removed from the recycle bin.

Let’s talk about the scenario what happen. If we delete a file from our computer hard disk or from a memory card it stored in the recycle bin or in the trash. And again if we delete them from recycle bin or trash then the file is not deleted from the hard disc.The operating system use a allocation table by which the data of the haddi get pointed with the operating system directory with some information.When we delete a file from the recycle bin or delete file permanently then only the pointer which make a information linking between the file and the operating system is got  deleted. But still there are some third party software for  who help us to find those files again and rebuild the pointer information with the operating system. Recuva is the free recovery software you need on hand in case disaster strikes.

When we create or upload more files to our operating system and  if the operating system is Re-addressing the new file to the old file place in the hard disc then only the file got deleted permanently from the hard disc as a new file has been  overwrited to the old file place.