BSNL Introducing 1.5GB, 5GB, 10GB & 20GB per day plans just from Rs.99 Monthly

BSNL has been introduced 4 new plans for its broadband customers across India beside Andaman nicober. With these plans user can enjoy both data and free calling facilities. The data facility will be truly unlimited where the speed will be 20 MBPS till the FUP limit exists and after the completion of FUP limit the speed will reduce to 1 MBPS with unlimited usage. With the unlimited calling facility customer can make outgoing calls for free to anywhere across India.

The 1st plan is costs Rs.99 and valid till the billing cycle. The users will get 45GB high speed data with unlimited data usage facility. The 1st 1.5 GB data of the data speed will be 20 MBPS and then the speed of unlimited data will be 1 MBPS.

The next plan comes with the price of Rs.199 for 30 Days. Where the customer will get daily 5GB high speed data of 20 MBPS and then unlimited with a speed of 1 MBPS. Total 150 GB will be benefitted with this plan.

With the 3rd plan customer will able to use 10GB data per day with speed of 20MBPS and then the speed will be 1MBPS till unlimited usage. By this the customer is benefited with 300 GB data with high speed and unlimited with 1 MBPS. This plan will cost you Rs.299 monthly.

The 4th plans comes with a monthly price tag of Rs.399 where you will be benefitted with 20GB per day with a speed of 20MBPS and then 1 MBPS unlimited will be APPLIED.

All the plans are in promotional basis and valid till 90days.