Around 600 New Covid-19 Corona Cases in a Single in India, Death number reached 117

The coronavirus cases in India going pathetic day by day. At the end of Sunday the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases reach to 4281  in India. On Sunday in a single day the total number of coronavirus cases increased by 597. The total number of death due to coronavirus impact has been increased to buy 21 on Sunday and reached to 117. Total 42 peoples got recovered from coronavirus on Sunday and the total number of recovery reached to 328 you at the end of the day. Show after excluding the number of death and the number of recovered the total number of active coronavirus covid-19 cases in India is 3836 is it for the report of Sunday and of the day.

 Coming to the covid-19 cases State wise in India, Maharashtra at the number one position with 748 covid-19 cases. Tamilnadu at the second number with total 571 covid-19 cases and after that Delhi at Number 3 with 503 cases.  Telangana with 333 cases, Kerala with 314, Uttar Pradesh with 278, Rajasthan with 260, Andhra Pradesh with 252, to Madhya Pradesh with 193, Karnataka with 151, Gujarat with 127,, Haryana with 90, West Bengal with 80, Punjab with 68, Odisha with 39, Bihar with 32, Assamese 26, Uttrakhand with 26, Chandigarh with 18, Ladakh with 14, Himachal Pradesh with 13 covid-19 cases recorded till the end of the day of Sunday.