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Airtel Digital TV DTH Update: Changes to LCNs of Two Channels and Addition of Daily Post

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Title: Airtel Digital TV DTH Update: Changes to LCNs of Two Channels and Addition of Daily Post

Airtel Digital TV, one of India’s leading DTH platforms, is constantly striving to enhance the television viewing experience for its subscribers. In line with this commitment, Airtel Digital TV has announced changes to the Logical Channel Numbers (LCNs) of two popular channels, DD Punjabi and MH One, effective from 24th May 2023. Additionally, there is exciting news for viewers as the new channel, Daily Post, will be added to the channel lineup. Let’s delve into the details of these updates.

  1. DD Punjabi:
    DD Punjabi, a channel known for its rich Punjabi content, will undergo a change in its LCN. The current LCN No. 572 will be replaced with the new LCN No. 576. This change aims to provide Airtel Digital TV subscribers with better organization and ease of access to DD Punjabi’s engaging programs.
  2. MH One:
    MH One, a popular channel offering diverse entertainment content, will also have a revised LCN starting from 24th May 2023. MH1, previously available at LCN No. 572, will be moved to LCN No. 575. This adjustment ensures that viewers can conveniently locate and enjoy MH One’s captivating shows and movies.
  3. Addition of Daily Post:
    Airtel Digital TV is excited to announce the addition of the Daily Post channel to its lineup. This new channel will be available at LCN No. 567, offering viewers a fresh and engaging content experience. Daily Post aims to bring a blend of news, entertainment, and lifestyle content to cater to the diverse preferences of Airtel Digital TV subscribers.

  1. Airtel Digital TV remains committed to providing its subscribers with an exceptional television viewing experience. The upcoming changes to the LCNs of DD Punjabi and MH One, along with the addition of the Daily Post channel at LCN No. 567, highlight Airtel Digital TV’s dedication to delivering diverse and high-quality content to its viewers.

Make sure to update your channel list on 24th May 2023 to seamlessly access DD Punjabi at LCN No. 576, MH One at LCN No. 575, and the new Daily Post channel at LCN No. 567. Airtel Digital TV continues to prioritize customer satisfaction by constantly evolving its channel lineup and offering an enhanced entertainment experience.

(Note: The information provided in this blog post is accurate as of the time of writing, but please check for any additional updates or changes from Airtel Digital TV regarding the LCN modifications and the addition of Daily Post mentioned above.)

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