Airtel Crossed 8 Million Customers in Assam

Airtel Crossed 8 Million Customers in Assam with Prove Of Strongest Network In North East

The no.1 Indian telecom network Airtel has just revealed its statistics in Assam. With the statistics Airtel proved that it’s the strongest network in North east India. After acquiring Telenor in India Airtel added 6 MHz of fresh spectrum in 1800 MHz band which increases the ability of Airtel to take on more customers on board. Also Airtel has reported that after Aircel stopped its service Airtel got 60% of its customers through Partout.

Airtel has reported that it has covered with 29000 rural & town areas in Assam. Which make that 91% of Assam has been covered by Airtel’s network. With its continuously stronger network in All over India and with very cheap plans compare to other networks. Airtel has keep continuing its journey alone whether other networks in India gone stopped their service. Some of them got merged with other etc.