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Aastha Gujarati added on DD Free Dish DTH

Aastha Gujarati

In a recent development, “Aastha Gujarati” has been added to the DD Free Dish DTH platform, replacing “Aastha Tamil.” This move has sparked discussion among viewers about the reasons for the change and the potential impact on Tamil-speaking viewers.

For those unfamiliar with these channels, Aastha TV is a spiritual channel that broadcasts content related to Indian religions and culture. The channel has several regional variants, including Aastha Tamil and Aastha Gujarati. DD Free Dish is a free-to-air satellite television service provided by Doordarshan, India’s national public broadcaster.

The addition of Aastha Gujarati on DD Free Dish is a positive development for viewers who were previously unable to access this channel. With the launch of Aastha Gujarati, viewers can now enjoy spiritual content in their native language and connect with their cultural roots.

However, the replacement of Aastha Tamil with Aastha Gujarati has left some viewers wondering about the reasons behind the change. It is unclear whether the change is permanent or temporary, and whether the decision was made by the broadcaster or by DD Free Dish.

If the replacement is permanent, it could be a disappointment for Tamil-speaking viewers who will miss out on this spiritual content. It is worth noting that Aastha Tamil was the only South Indian private channel to join DD Free Dish, making it a unique addition to the platform.

At the same time, the addition of Aastha Gujarati is a welcome development for Gujarati viewers who now have access to spiritual content in their native language. It is important for broadcasters to consider the needs and preferences of viewers in different regions and ensure that regional content remains available on the platform.

It is also worth noting that the popularity of DD Free Dish varies across different regions of India. While it may not be widely used in Tamil Nadu, it is a popular choice for viewers in other regions who prefer free-to-air satellite television.

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