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A Comprehensive Comparison of Odia TV Channels Availability on Different DTH Platforms

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Comparing Odia TV Channels Availability on Different DTH Platforms: Find the Best Option to Watch More!

If you’re an Odia TV enthusiast, finding the best DTH platform to watch your favorite channels can be a challenge. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll explore the availability of Odia TV channels on various DTH platforms. By comparing the total number of Odia channels offered, we’ll help you choose the best DTH option to enjoy a wide range of Odia content. Let’s dive in!

Tata Play (Total Odia Channels: 17):

Colors Oriya (1752)
Tarang TV (1754)
Zee Sarthak (1756)
Sidharth TV (1757)
Star Kiran (1759)
Alankar (1763)
OTV (1771)
Kanak News (1774)
News18 Odia (1776)
Kalinga TV (1777)
News7 (1778)
Nandighosha TV (1779)
Argus News (1780)
DD Odia (1785)
Tarang Music (1786)
Prarthana TV (1795)
Sidharth Bhakti (1796)

Airtel Digital TV (Total Odia Channels: 20):

Colors Odia (593)
Tarang TV (594)
Prarthana TV (595)
Zee Sarthak TV (596)
Star Kiran (597)
Sidharth TV (600)
Alankar TV (601)
Sidharth Gold (602)
News18 Odia (603)
Kanak News (604)
Kalinga TV (605)
OTV (607)
Argus News (609)
Nandighosha TV (611)
News7 Prameya (612)
Tarang Music (614)
Jay Jagannath (615)
Sidharth Bhakti (616)
DD Odia (617)

Dish TV (Total Odia Channels: 21):

Zee Sarthak (1302)
Colors Oriya (1304)
Tarang TV (1307)
Star Kiran (1309)
Sidharth TV (1311)
DD Odia (1325)
Alankar TV (1331)
Sidharth Gold (1333)
Tarang Music (1341)
OTV (1351)
News18 Oriya (1355)
Kalinga TV (1357)
Kanak News (1359)
Naxatra News (1361)
Prameya News 7 (1363)
MBC TV (1365)
Nandighosa TV (1367)
Argus (1369)
Prarthana TV (1393)
Sidharth Bhakti (1395)
Jay Jagannath TV (1397)

Dish D2H (Total Odia Channels: 15):

Tarang TV (1707)
Colors Oriya (1709)
Zee Sarthak (1711)
Star Kiran (1713)
DD Oriya (1717)
Alankar TV (1727)
Tarang Music (1739)
OTV (1751)
Kalinga TV (1755)
Argus News (1757)
Prameya News 7 (1759)
MBC TV (1761)
Kanak News (1763)
News18 Oriya (1765)
Prarthana TV (1789)

Sun Direct (Total Odia Channels: 17):

Jay Jagannath (490)
Sidharth Bhakti (491)
Star Kiran (650)
Zee Sarthak (651)
Colors Odia (652)
Tarang (653)
O TV (654)
DD Odia (655)
Sidharth TV (657)
Sidharth Gold (658)
Alankar (660)
Tarang Music (661)
Prameya News7 (662)
News 18 Odia (663)
Kanak News (665)
Nandi Ghosh (667)
Kalinga TV (668)

DD Free Dish (Total Odia Channels: 1):

DD Oriya (1)

Odia TV Channels Availability Comparison on all DTH Platform

Based on the total number of Odia channels offered, Dish TV emerges as the top DTH platform with 21 Odia channels. Airtel Digital TV follows closely with 20 channels, while Tata Play and Sun Direct offer 17 channels each. Dish D2H provides 15 Odia channels, and DD Free Dish offers only 1 channel.

To maximize your Odia TV viewing experience, Dish TV stands out as the best option with the highest number of Odia channels. However, Airtel Digital TV, Tata Play, and Sun Direct also offer a significant range of Odia channels to cater to your preferences. Consider your specific requirements and channel preferences to select the DTH platform that suits your needs and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment in the Odia language.

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