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9 New TV Channels Coming Soon from NDTV

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NDTV to Launch 9 New Channels after Board’s Approval, Awaits I&B Ministry Approval

NDTV, one of India’s leading news broadcasting networks, is set to embark on an ambitious expansion plan with the launch of nine new regional news channels. The company’s board of directors has given its approval for this strategic move, which now awaits clearance from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Alongside the channel launches, NDTV also plans to rebrand NDTV Profit as NDTV BQ Prime and introduce content revamps for their lifestyle channel, GoodTimes. Additionally, there are hopes of relaunching NDTV Metronation Delhi. Let’s delve into the details of NDTV’s expansion and what it means for the future of Indian media.

NDTV Expanding into Regional News:

NDTV’s new channels will cater to different regions across India, providing news content in local languages. The proposed channels include NDTV Malayalam, NDTV Rajasthan, NDTV MP/Chhattisgarh, NDTV Bangla, NDTV Maharashtra, NDTV Gujarat, NDTV Tamil, NDTV Kannada, and NDTV Telugu. By venturing into regional news, NDTV aims to reach a broader audience base and establish a stronger presence in diverse linguistic communities.

NDTV Seeking Ministry Approval:

While NDTV’s board of directors has given the green light for the channel launches, the final go-ahead lies with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. NDTV is awaiting formal approval from the ministry, after which it will inform the stock exchanges and announce the launch date for these new channels. The company’s management is optimistic about receiving the necessary permissions, which will pave the way for the expansion plans to come to fruition.

Adani Group’s Involvement in NDTV:

NDTV’s expansion plans have received significant backing from the Adani Group, as its Founder and Chairman, Gautam Adani, expressed enthusiasm about strengthening NDTV’s infrastructure and talent pool. Adani aims to transform NDTV into a thriving multi-platform global news organization. With the Adani Group’s resources and expertise, NDTV is poised to make substantial progress in its pursuit of excellence in journalism.

Rebranding NDTV Profit as NDTV BQ Prime:

Alongside the launch of new channels, NDTV has decided to rebrand its financial news channel, NDTV Profit, as NDTV BQ Prime. This move indicates a strategic shift in the channel’s content and positioning. NDTV BQ Prime will likely offer a broader spectrum of business news and analysis, catering to the evolving needs of the audience in the financial domain.

NDTV Revamping Good Times:

Recognizing the importance of lifestyle content, NDTV plans to revamp its lifestyle channel, GoodTimes. With the objective of staying relevant and appealing to its viewers, the channel will undergo a content makeover. The revamp aims to enhance GoodTimes’ programming with fresh and engaging content, catering to the lifestyle preferences of its audience.

Hope for NDTV Metronation Delhi Relaunch:

NDTV Metronation Delhi, a regional news channel focused on Delhi and the National Capital Region, has been off the air for some time. However, there are hopes for its relaunch as part of NDTV’s expansion plans. The relaunch would fill the void of a dedicated local news channel in Delhi, providing residents with comprehensive coverage of local events, news, and issues.

NDTV’s decision to launch nine new regional news channels reflects its commitment to serving diverse linguistic communities across India. The board’s approval for this ambitious expansion plan is an exciting development for both NDTV and its audience. With the potential rebranding of NDTV Profit as NDTV BQ Prime and a revamp of GoodTimes, NDTV aims to strengthen its position in the media industry and cater to the

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