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5 New TV Channels added on Tata Play Mobile App

tata play mobile app

Tata Play is a mobile app that allows users to stream a variety of television channels and on-demand content. The app offers a wide range of regional channels to cater to the diverse linguistic preferences of Indian viewers. Recently, Tata Play has added five new regional channels to its lineup, each offering unique content and programming. Let’s take a closer look at these new additions:

Jansetu – UP News Channel (2064)

Jansetu is a new addition to the Tata Play mobile app and offers UP news content. The channel provides 24-hour news coverage of the latest developments and happenings in Uttar Pradesh. From political updates to regional news, Jansetu caters to viewers who are interested in staying informed about the events in the state.

Tv Punjabi – Punjabi News Channel (2065)

Tv Punjabi is a 24-hour Punjabi news channel that covers all aspects of news and current affairs in the state of Punjab. The channel features news bulletins, debates, and special programs that focus on regional issues. With its coverage of local events and developments, Tv Punjabi is an excellent source of information for Punjabi viewers across India.

Bless Tv – Punjabi Lifestyle Channel (2066)

Bless Tv is a Punjabi lifestyle channel that offers a wide range of programming related to food, fashion, travel, and culture. The channel features shows that highlight the unique lifestyle and traditions of Punjab, making it an excellent choice for viewers who are interested in exploring the state’s rich heritage.

Nakshatra Digital – Telugu Movies Channel (2067)

Nakshatra Digital is a new addition to the Tata Play app and offers a 24-hour Telugu movies channel. The channel features a vast collection of Telugu movies from various genres, ranging from action and drama to romance and comedy. With its extensive library of Telugu movies, Nakshatra Digital is an ideal choice for Telugu film lovers.

Global India – Hindi News Channel (2068)

Global India is a Hindi news channel that offers 24-hour news coverage of national and international events. The channel features live news bulletins, debates, and special programs that focus on current affairs. With its comprehensive coverage and analysis, Global India is an excellent source of news for Hindi-speaking viewers across India.

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