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5 New Shemaroo TV Channels going to launch in India

Shemaroo tv network new channels

Very soon Shemaroo TV network is going to launch 5 new TV channels in India. Among the five new TV channels 2 channel  will be  movie channels, 2 channels will be devotional channels and rest one channel will be  comedy channel.

 It’s not been confirmed that when the channel will launch by shemaroo TV Network. Shemaroo TV network is looking to join DD free Dish network with its new channels in the next auction.

Let’s have a look on the list of upcoming channels from simaru TV Network.

  1. Shemaroo Bollywood
  2. Shemaroo Bhakti
  3. Shemaroo Classic
  4. Shemaroo Comedy
  5. Shemaroo Ibadat
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